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BHB Update 12/14/08

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Update
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Wanted to give everybody a quick update of what we have been up to.

After 2 weeks of 18 hour days, rehearsing first all day for the DWTS Tour and then going to band rehearsals at night, we are finally hitting the road tomorrow for the DWTS Tour!

Yesterday we had a dress rehearsal for "Friends & Family" for the DWTS Tour. We are relieved that we are finally going on the road. This tour is going to be a lot of fun and I hope you all come out to say hello to us when we play with our band in these cities.

On the band front, we finally finished the record! It is incredible. Our photo shoot is done and our first single is now officially "Devastated" and not "Do It For You", as originally planned. Devastated came out so great that we all decided to change to it at the last minute. We are now looking at video treatments and will be shooting a music video before the end of the year. Crazy- huh? That means that our label has to fly us in from one of our DWTS tour stops to be able to do this. Everything is moving so fast it is kind of surreal for us. We can't wait until you guys hear the new songs. We worked very hard on this album and are very proud of it.

This is a very busy week for the band. We have 2 radio appearances-

On the 17th we will be on the radio KHTS Hula 93.3 in San Diego performing a few songs during the morning show "AJ's Playhouse"

On the 18th we will be performing live on K-BIG 104.3 in the morning sometime between 9:00-11:00.

Make sure you guys listen so you can get a sneak preview of our new album.

We will be doing a lot of these radio appearances over the next 6 weeks. In almost every market we perform in on our tour, we will be doing radio. As we know which radio stations we will be visiting, we will post them so you can all listen in!!

Today we board our bus and head to San Diego for the first DWTS tour date. The first show isn't until Tuesday, but we are all heading down today for one more final run through and to get settled.

We have our laptops on the road so we will try our best to respond to e-mails and post new blogs from the road.

See you at a show soon!!

Mark & Derek

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