Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BallasHoughBand BHB first single hits itunes!!

From Ballas Hough Band myspace:

Hey everyone, hope all of you are well.

As you all know we are coming to the end of our DWTS tour, and it has been amazing, thank you to all of you that came out to the shows, we all really hope you all enjoyed it, and also thank you to all the fans the came out to the BallasHoughBand shows too, we love you all very much and are grateful for all your support, For all you BallasHoughBand fans we have exciting news the album will be out on March 10th and you can buy the first single (Do it for you) Today on I tunes............. WAHOOOOO, we are so excited it is a dream come true, and i am so grateful to all the fans out there,
I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you all on season 8 really soon and as soon as i know anything i will let you know........ (fingers crossed)
love always MArk x x x

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